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Chic enough TO EAT

Where the capital’s coolest designers most like to dine out

Hannah Weiland, founder of Shrimps,
on Rochelle Canteen

The atmosphere, the food and the people make it my favourite place to eat. It is close to my heart as its catering company, Arnold & Henderson, did the food for my wedding. My favourite pudding is the Tricolore ice cream they made for a Shrimps x Matchesfashion dinner a few years ago, a combination of pistachio, vanilla and chocolate. 16 Playground Gardens, E2

Manolo Blahnik, founder of Manolo Blahnik, on Wiltons

My favourite restaurant has always been Wiltons, just off Piccadilly — a quintessential British restaurant. I have been visiting Wiltons for as long as I can remember; it is the old courtesy and manners which are kept alive and of course the food is delicious. This is what I like about London, when the food and traditions remain. 55 Jermyn Street, SW1

Richard Malone, founder of Richard Malone, on Venerdi

I didn’t really enjoy Italian food or pasta until Venerdi opened at the end of my road. Even though I have moved house I still make the time to go back, mainly because its cocktail specials are fantastic and the home-made pistachio ravioli is insane. You also need to have the arancini — and probably a pizza while you’re at it. When I go out for dinner I usually hope to leave, a: full and b: drunk. Venerdi ticks all the boxes. 9 Chatsworth Road,

Georgiana Huddart, creative director of Hunza G, on The Light Bar

One of my new favourites is The Light Bar. The chef, Johnnie Collins, grows lots of the produce in his garden in Warwickshire and makes delicious, interesting plates. The crab cappelletti is my favourite thing on the menu. It’s also great for cocktails after work and has a really fun vibe.
233 Shoreditch High Street,