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ES's top heroes of 2020

John Boyega
For his impassioned speech at the BLM demonstration in Hyde Park and also buying his mum and dad a house.’
Nicole Holcroft-Emmess, picture editor

The Duchess of Cambridge
‘Unfailingly diplomatic, the duchess has been a stabilising force during the pandemic, all with a smile on her face.’
Evie Leatham, acting beauty and health director

Lily Allen
‘Got hitched in Vegas and launched her own line of sex toys. Iconic.’
Joanna Taylor, ES writer

Fat Tony
‘A daily tickle of joy with those unforgettable Insta memes. Plus he owned our very first ES Big Night In.’
Ben Turner, head of design

Meera Sodha
‘Her packed-with-flavour recipes have made my efforts to eat less meat a doddle. Anyone who can make me fall in love with cauliflower is a hero in my eyes.’ Jessica Benjamin, digital editor