Designer diaries:

Designer Roksanda Ilinčić talks to ES about life's simple moments, creativity during hard times and how to work digitally

How are you feeling right now?

Really excited. This is the first collection we have presented completely digitally so it is a new experience for all of us but I have really enjoyed gaining a new perspective and doing things a little differently this time. I always like a good challenge and this was certainly one worth taking.

Sum up your new collection and the inspirations behind it?

AW21 is all about highlighting the simple moments in life. It was important to me to use this moment to recognise the value of family and friendship, as well as the significance of human connection, which we have all been longing for through these unusual times!

Everything that was touched by the human hand felt even more important: from hand drawn art prints in our studio, to garments finished by artisans. For me as a designer, it is always important that a collection lives and corresponds to the times and circumstances we are experiencing and that relevance was another inspirational factor.

How has it been putting on this digital-only show vs how you normally do it? What have you learned?

Normally the run up to the show is such an intense period, followed by a very joyful but brief moment when the collection is presented and then suddenly it is all over.

With this season, I’ve not only had more time to speak through the collection one-to-one with key press and buyers which has been great, but it’s allowed us to all get more excited about sharing it with the wider world. I also experienced once again that creativity can nourish no matter how hard the circumstances are.