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Designer diaries: Matty Bovan

After his AW21 collection showed on Friday afternoon, Matty Bovan talks ES through his lockdown designs, elemental inspiration and having a beer once it's all over

What does a day preparing for your new collection look like?

It's been a whirlwind, but so much fun, I really feel it's my most complete work to date, and it was very DIY in a sense - I shot the photos and did the make up, all shot in York, UK. so it was a great challenge, but fun.

How are you feeling right now?

Excited as we are nearly at the release time! Can't wait for everyone to see it.

What has your collection prep snack been?

Hmmmmm a lot of carbs, pasta and pizza, lol.

Sum up your new collection and the inspirations behind it?

It's my most conceptual collection to date, called 'Odyssey'. The key inspiration this season is the power of the sea, the elemental and destructive nature. I imagined a three-part story, based around a set of characters at sea, crossing time spans, ghosts from different eras colliding under the waves.

The collection is ultimately about humanity’s constant survival against external forces, and a battle with reality. The characters are swept away in a cycle of extreme events, and whether this cycle ever ends or just continues, is unknown.

How has it been putting on this digital-only show vs how you normally do it? What have you learned?

I actually really enjoyed the challenge, and the control I could have over how people see the garments and the silhouettes. It's great that it's more accessible to everyone too!

Have there been any silver linings to the pandemic for you/ your business?

Just to take the time to understand the industry and how and where things are made, as well as making a lot of stuff in-house.

What do you think the future of fashion holds?

More inclusive and diverse I hope, I also hope all the young kids at home are just making their own fantasies and being creative, as we need more of that going forwards.

How will you relax/celebrate once your show is finished?

Have a beer.