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Designer diaries:
Marques Almeida

Designer Marta Marques, one half of of Marques'Almeida, speaks to ES about the managing designing with home-schooling, giving fashion to the younger generation and the freedom of a digital presence

What does a day preparing for your new collection look like?

Preparing a collection in a pandemic is all a bit different from usual so it included getting our daughters somehow entertained or on Zoom lessons while Paulo spread yet another round of 10 samples on the floor to be reviewed and corrected or a Zoom call with the weavers to discuss how a recycled polyester thread will react to washing.

Afternoon I'll probably be choosing colour cards and obsessively staring at our moodboard to figure out what we should do, to a background noise of Peppa Pig :)

Sum up your new collection and the inspirations behind it?

The answer to sustainable problems in fashion, freak 2000's millennial cool.

How has it been putting on this digital-only show vs how you normally do it? What have you learned?

That the system is not needed, that this kind of unexpected year has closed some doors but also opened up some and that the freedom of digital means we can reach out and support a wide range of people and creatives that we maybe normally wouldn't.


What do you think the future of fashion holds?

We hope for a big realisation moment in terms of sustainability and inclusion and diversity. We hope the future is in the hands of the younger generation because the old fashion system is broken and repetitive.

How will you relax/celebrate once your show is finished?

By listening to Nenny's album on repeat (she's the rapper artist we're collaborating with for our video). Please go listen too :)