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Designer diaries:

Designer Eden Loweth of ART SCHOOL speaks to ES about the AW21 collection, a genderless future of fashion and a message of hope

What does a day preparing for your new collection look like?

I have an incredible but tiny team so we work really closely as a collaborative unit across every area of the brand. I work very much in advance so am always thinking about the bigger picture. Once the team has left at night I then spend my time drawing and developing new ideas in private to present to the team the following day.

How are you feeling right now?


What has your collection prep snack been?

Gas and air.

Sum up your new collection and the inspirations behind it?

Autumn / Winter 2021, entitled Ascension, marks a new dawn for ART SCHOOL, and indeed for myself as creative director, my first full season alone. Ascension is a dystopian new view of the ART SCHOOL community, our place in the world and the relationships we form in trying times. Ascension is designed to act as more than a collection of clothes. It is a message of hope.

How has it been putting on this digital-only show vs how you normally do it? What have you learned?

I think working in a solely digital format has been a really interesting exercise in how we can communicate a message in a bigger, more accessible way that resonates more widely than a standard format show. It’s been both freeing and exciting. I think this is just the beginning of us exploring new ways of communicating the ART SCHOOL community.

Have there been any silver linings to the pandemic for you/ your business?

Having the time to really think about what I’m creating, developing and want to put into the world - it's made me realise how much I appreciate having some space to process everything as I and ART SCHOOL grow.

What do you think the future of fashion holds?

I think the future is genderless. We should all be striving for one global calendar with a non gendered approach.

How will you relax/celebrate once your show is finished?

I’m going to spend some time alone, to process and recuperate and then if Covid restrictions allow, spend some time with my loved ones in Paris.