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new in: Bottega Veneta digital journal

Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has launched a brand new digital quarterly journal, 'Issue' - so here's everything you need to know

You may have noticed earlier this year the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta deleted all social media accounts, sending shockwaves into the digital stratosphere.

However, the brand has just launched the ‘Issue’, a multidimensional digital space which both encapsulates and expands the world of the brand beyond the realms of what any social media platform could offer.

The platform is entirely visually led and with each issue the brand “intend to redefine the ways in which we engage with our audience. We also want to speak to larger crowds, in a democratic way – make the brand accessible to people who don’t necessarily buy the product”.

Check out Bottega Veneta’s Issue 01 by swiping up.