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‘I’m not a normal woman’

Photographs by Emilio Coochie

As she prepares to jet into London for Wireless, Megan Thee Stallion gets personal with Julie Adenuga about her international Hotties, teaching the world how to manage money and why men struggle with her success

The Hot Girl Summer may have eluded us in 2021, but Megan Thee Stallion is bringing some belated heat this month as she arrives in the UK for long-awaited Manchester gigs and a spot at the Wireless Festival this weekend in Crystal Palace. The 26-year-old Houston rapper’s lockdown has been slightly more fruitful than ours: single ‘Savage’ (later remixed featuring Beyoncé) dropped days before the world shut down and inspired millions to undertake the #Savagedancechallenge in their living rooms for TikTok glory.

Having taken on the pandemic, she set about dismantling the patriarchy, teaming up with Cardi B for the sexually-charged ‘WAP’. With almost 25 million followers on Instagram (the platform on which she was discovered), streams in the tens of millions for every song, and a legion of committed fans (nicknamed ‘the Hotties’), Megan has segued from fame to mega-stardom in the past year. Here, in an intimate conversation with broadcaster and cultural curator Julie Adenuga, we go deep with the first lady of rap.

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