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london reopens

In just a few days, London will open once more. And in celebration of this beyond-long-awaited occasion, four of our favourite local artists have each designed a very special cover. Go out and find them all...

Yinka Ilori

‘All my art features bright pattern and uplifting colour to convey a sense of optimism and celebration. This cover, Suns & Trees, portrays the return of longer summer days and a fresh start after a long winter. Trees symbolise how important nature has been to our wellbeing over lockdown. It’s this sense of escape outdoors I’m looking forward to most, coming together with family and friends and seeing brighter days ahead.’


‘At the start of 2020 I began making a painting that read ‘Nothing Can Separate Us’ to hang in my home. Shortly after, the pandemic broke out, we went into lockdown and the painting took on a wider meaning. Those sentiments seem poignant now as London comes back together. The same message will adorn flags hanging over Covent Garden next month, when I’m Iooking forward to people connecting with my work in public spaces again.’

Jeremy Deller

‘I live on the fourth floor of a building, I have no outside space so in a way the views of the sky from my flat are my outside space. The words I chose for the cover artwork are from the Irving Berlin song ‘Blue Skies’, which has been covered by many artists but most famously by Ella Fitzgerald and Willie Nelson. The lifting of restrictions will once again enable me to judge self-righteously all the people who litter in my local park.’

Camille Walala

‘My ES cover is inspired by the architecture of the buildings in London. I wanted to show movement in the structures and bring uplifting colours to the composition. The artwork symbolises our city springing back to life after this dormant period of lockdowns, and people slowly returning to the capital. And as we begin to get back to normal, I can’t wait to
see my friends collectively all in one place again!’