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Kathryn Newton

The actor sits down to pancakes at Fischer’s, had the time of her life living in Marylebone and is sure to pop in to Vivienne Westwood

Home is…

Usually in LA with my three poodles: Durandel Jack King Ruler of all Floolf, Starlight Rosebud Hella Good Boy Gonna Need a Big Bank and Danfor Ladybird Keep the Madness Rolling.

Which shops do you rely on?

I love Daunt Books — I still have my canvas bag from that shop, it’s a ‘if you know you know’ kind of thing. That Marylebone deli Paul Rothe & Son. And I always go to Vivienne Westwood because it’s so London.

Paule Rothe & Son

Where do you stay in London?

I lived in an apartment in Marylebone for five months and I fell in love with the area. I want to live there again, it was the best time of my life.

Best thing a cabbie has ever said to you?

Cab drivers always ask me what I’m doing [in London] and instead of saying I’m an actor I make things up. I say I’m a professional golfer or a dog walker instead of having the ‘What have you been in?’ conversation.

Best meal you’ve had?

Breakfast at Fischer’s. I went there a lot and got the same thing every time. Blueberry pancakes and eggs Benedict. Yes, all for me.

Fischer's pancakes

If you could buy any building and live there, which would it be?

I would buy one of the theatres and turn it into a nice, fun hotel for actors. We could all live in it and play pretend every day. Every room would have to look like a different set, from a different era. The kitchen from the Fifties, the dining room could be a Renaissance room and there would have to be a mirrored room because actors always want
to look at themselves.

What’s your London secret?

Bill Nighy told me the best place to get a cup of coffee — it’s called Caldesi in Marylebone. I sit there by myself and paint, eat pasta and drink coffee.


What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Free tea and biscuits on Fridays, for everybody.

Last thing you googled?

My horoscope: I’m an Aquarius.

Who is the most iconic Londoner in history?

Elton John or Mick Jagger. They’ve always been my style icons; I get so much influence from them in my personal style.

Mick Jagger

What do you collect?

I have a large collection of vintage, original Barbie dolls. It has grown in lockdown — I have a private Instagram that
nobody is allowed to
follow because it’s too embarrassing, but they’re incredible. I don’t want to say how many I have. I also collect Chanel from the 1994 collection. It’s my favourite.

Newton’s new film, ‘The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things’, is out now