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Jimi Eats World:
The Ritz

David Yeo

Despite his initial doubts, Jimi Famurewa finds The Ritz to be a gloriously indulgent treat

"An enterprise with an almost manic devotion to superior hospitality, old-school razzmatazz and an intense, oddly forward-thinking approach to deliciousness"

"The vibe, in short, is very much that of a Liberace-designed fallout shelter. Or a gilded cage with a blanket gratefully thrown over it"

"for a few hours, we gloried in the act of a meal that was about nothing more than Delirious, Christmassy enjoyment"

What Jimi ate

1 Veal sweetbread £27
1 Shared Bresse duck ‘Arts De La Table’ £94
2 Glasses of Chateau Le Puy Emilien £36
1 Glass of Lacoste Borie £22
1 Crêpe suzette £19
1 Chocolate soufflé £19
1 Glass of Pol Roger Rosé £32
1 Glass of Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs £26
Tip £40
Total £315