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Find your inner forager, then try Kitchen Table
co-founder James Knappett’s blackberries with sorrel, mascarpone and fig leaf oil

James Knappett

The blackberry season in the UK runs from mid-summer to October, but the best fruit is found towards the end of these months. Blackberries are available in hedgerows, mixed woodland, railway embankments, waste ground and gardens.

They’re found in most parks and open spaces in and around London, especially Tottenham Marshes and Hackney Marshes. To identify the common blackberry, look for stems that are tough, thorny and intertwine among other plants. The best berries are large, plump and sweet with a little sourness.

Ingredients (serves 2)

60g mascarpone
50g fresh blackberries
20ml fig leaf oil, recipe below
A handful of wood sorrel leaves or regular garden sorrel, to garnish

Fig leaf oil:
50g fig leaves
100ml grapeseed, or another neutral oil

Blackberries with sorrel, mascarpone and fig leaf oil

1. First, make the fig leaf oil. Place the fig leaves in a blender and whizz until they are a smooth, dark green consistency.

2. Add the leaves to the oil and leave for a day in the fridge to infuse. Once steeped, sieve your concoction through a coffee strainer or muslin cloth to get your bright green, fragrant fig leaf oil.

3. To assemble the dish, divide the mascarpone between two bowls, placing it in the middle of each bowl with a spoonful of the blackberries on top.

4. Garnish with the sorrel leaves and a drizzle of fig leaf oil. Make sure to get all the elements on your spoon when you take a bite.