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Ice, ice, BABY

Chill out with chef and restaurateur Jacob Kenedy’s bright, bold Aperol granita

Jacob Kenedy

Granita is the perfect expression of the contradiction ices present: infantile and sophisticated in one bite. It is nothing more (or less) than a slushie, and yet it is a contemporary expression of the earliest ices: compacted snow the Romans preserved in insulated caves until summertime, when they would eat it drenched in flavoured syrups. Cold, cold, cold — refreshing and bright, granitas offer a means for a bold pop of flavour, especially in summertime. Here is my Aperol granita — the ultimate aperitivo when the sun’s out. Move over, frosé, there’s a brighter, bolder, yummier kid in town.

Ingredients (serves 5-8)

500ml Prosecco
(or dry white wine)
300ml Aperol
200ml water
100g caster sugar

Aperol granita

1. In a bowl, stir all the ingredients together until the sugar has dissolved. Transfer the mixture to a wide dish and put it in the freezer. Once it starts to freeze at the edges, stir it with a fork or whisk it every 10–15 minutes until the mixture is almost completely frozen and icy — this will take up to 4 hours. When the granita is in a slightly wet, slushy state, it’s ready to serve.

2. To store the granita for longer, let it freeze solid, then before serving take it out to thaw for 20 minutes or so, breaking it up with a fork. Serve in chilled glasses.

This recipe is very versatile, so feel free to substitute Campari or Aperitivo Select for the Aperol. You can also swap in white port, red ruby port or medium sherry for the Aperol
and then also replace the Prosecco with tonic water.

Replacing both the Aperol and Prosecco with sparkling Moscato d’Asti is a delicious option, too.