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The law of beauty

Photographs by Aidan Zamiri
Beauty Direction by Joanna Taylor
Make-up by Anne Sophie Costa
Styled by Jessica Skeete-Cross

She’s the progeny of the Primrose Hill set’s most sparkling couple and now Iris Law is making her own mark on the fashion and film world. Suzannah Ramsdale meets Dior’s latest beauty ambassador

Iris Law has undergone a transformation. I arrive at the end of her ES Magazine beauty shoot with Dior in east London expecting to see the cherubically pretty, sweet-looking girl I follow on Instagram (along with about half a million others). Instead I’m greeted with a firm hug by a confident, no-nonsense woman with an icy blonde, freshly shaven head.

Hair, as we know, is everything and this metamorphosis is carefully planned. With her 21st birthday a few months away, the model is coming into her own. ‘I was super ready,’ she says about going under the clippers. ‘I’d been thinking about it for months and flattening my hair down to see the shape of my head. It felt really right and instantly like it was me. It was really liberating. My dad, my mum, my boyfriend... were like, “Do it, do it now, you’ll never do it again.”’

Her mum and dad, of course, are Jude Law and Sadie Frost, king and queen of the notorious Primrose Hill set of whose glamorous party lifestyles the tabloids couldn’t get enough in the 1990s. Growing up in a famously bohemian family and surrounded by creatives (the Gallaghers, Pearl Lowe, Jonny Lee Miller were all in the gang), it’s little wonder Law has followed her family into the limelight but she is adamant it wasn’t an obvious choice.

‘No one pushed me into this [industry] because I was always very academic and focused on school,’ she says. ‘But I’m so lucky to have such amazing people to look up to who I know and can ask for advice. If there’s anything I’m doing that’s new, my parents have done before, they’re always a phone call away. It’s been really great to get some insight.’

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