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Perfect your Pilates

Jess Schuring, founder of the acclaimed Pilates studio Heartcore, shares her top tips for nailing your at-home routine

Show up

To perfect your Pilates at home practice, you have to start somewhere – and that's by showing up! Set aside time in your calendar and take advantage of the 7-day free trial to Heartcore at Home. With 30+ live classes a week, on-demand workouts added daily, and a variety of 20- to 75-minute Pilates workouts to energise, wake up & wind down to – you’ll find something that's right for you.

Set your scene

Maybe it helps to invest in new workout kit or a cushioned mat – or perhaps you prefer to know it's okay to just show up in your pyjamas in the middle of your kitchen! Some days you might have an audience with children and pets, and other days able to savour the quiet space all to yourself.

Wherever you find yourself be sure to create your space. You really only need the last point, we like to go the whole way – with ‘do not disturb’ switched on, a dim to the lights and some heat in the room, your favourite candle or incense burning, light hand weights, a towel, and some water close by. Roll out your mat and join us!

Seek accountability

Heartcore champions the two-way experience with our teachers online and live, before and after every class. As a guest, you also have the opportunity to connect with friends, old and new during class via private chat. It’s important to know that we’re always together – every breath, every beat, every step of the way.

Make it personal

Working out from home doesn't mean you should lose out on progression. It’s likely the perfect setup to find a deeper level of connection and awareness within yourself, away from the distraction of life outdoors. By keeping your camera switched on, our teachers can see how you’re doing, they’ll always be guiding you with safety, form and results in mind - channelling everyone towards their own version of strength.

With separate audio controls, you can choose to turn up, or down, the music or the teacher, and use the sound to focus where you most need it. Before and after every livestream class, our teachers are online to answer your questions. So, if you need a particular modification, the teachers can share real, personalised instruction for you. Two-way conversation beats Dr. Google!

Shake it out

Pilates is a great way to release tension and literally feel the joy in movement. It’s important that you remember to breathe and not to take it all too seriously. Whilst you’re in the privacy of your own home, have some fun with it – maybe move a little deeper, breathe a little louder, go for an extra ‘last one’! There’s nothing to worry about if you do skip a beat or fancy moving at your own pace – in all of our livestream classes, once we get going, you can pause and replay throughout the workout.

Invite a friend

It's always better together, so make it a date! The new online Heartcore studio allows guests to experience two-way communication (private audio and chat) with friends, in both livestream and on-demand classes. Yes, it will keep you accountable, but more importantly, it's fun! More than ever, it's so important to keep our social connections alive.

Keep it fresh

Find what works for you, but don't be afraid to change it up once or twice a week. Keep your routine, then mix in something new each week to keep your mind and body feeling alive. Maybe jog outside on a sunny day, play frisbee with your pup or hop on your bike for a whirl around the block. Finding inspiration in nature will make your at-home Pilates practice even stronger.

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