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Off the back of a season that has seen him rise further up the ranks of the all-time goalscoring greats, Harry Kane is ready to make dreams come true this summer.
Alastair Campbell meets a laser-focused man on a mission

To adapt an old football cliché, this has been an interview of two halves: conversations separated by a pandemic, a cancelled Uefa European Championship and wholesale changes to the way we live. The world of football has, of course, experienced its own unprecedented upheavals, and it feels like Harry Kane has somehow been at the heart of every major storyline.

When we first met more than a year ago, it appeared injury had ended Kane’s 2019 /20 club campaign with José Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur, and his Euro 2020 involvement was in the hands of the football gods. But the Euros got bumped back a year and Kane returned from injury to empty stadia but in imperious form: last month the 27-year-old became the first player since Andrew Cole in 1994 to top both the Premier League goals and assists charts.

This in a season when Spurs would replace Mourinho after 17 months with one of Kane’s closest friends, Ryan Mason (the week before a cup final), join then sheepishly exit the proposed Super League and then finish in their lowest league position for 11 years. They now face the very real threat of their home-grown superstar finally demanding a surer thing in his quest for trophies, a situation unresolved at time of writing.

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