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Meet the roller skate brand that is making scooting around town stylish again

Pre-lockdown, most of us won’t have considered roller blading or skating since childhood, when scuffed elbows and Heelies (remember those?) were all the rage.

And that was doing us just fine - until we saw Berlin skating legend Oumi Janta grooving around her hometown to catchy, hypnotic beats in her 118-118-but-make-it-chic style outfits, and disco queen Mawara in glitter platform heels putting our lack of lockdown exercise to shame.

Why are they capturing hundreds of thousands of our hearts? Well, not only are they gliding and spinning with grace and skill, but they’re casting aside the notion that skating has to be about clunky single row wheels and gaffer taped knee pads. In fact, they’re making the practice downright stylish.

Finding the perfect disco inferno skates can be tricky, however. Frantic Ebay searches for vintage wheels can either come up trumps or leave one entirely disheartened on any given day.

Luckily, though, there is a new skate brand on our radar: Impala. Modelled on old-school classics, the brand’s wheels are enough to kick anyone into skating action.

Designed as oh-so-fab heeled boots plonked on jazzy Abec-7 bearings on 58mm and 82A durometer wheels as a secondary thought, you’ll find them in roaring leopard print, patent rose and Cynthia Rowley floral prints. Plus, they’re all made out of sustainable, PETA-Approved vegan leather. So if you were in need of another excuse, it's time to go, go, go and get grooving.

Impala Roller Skates, €99,95