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Flashbulb: Bird in Hand x Mark's Club Summer Lunch

Summer has officially started - and Bird in Hand knows it.
Last week the award-winning Australian wine maker hosted an intimate summer lunch on the terrace of Mark’s Club to celebrate the pre-release of its 2021 Riesling.
Guests were treated to a four course lunch of ceviche, Wagyu beef, langoustines and monkfish, whilst sipping on a variety of Bird in Hand wines.
Those in attendance included Alexa Chung, Orson Fry, Daisy Lowe, Jordan Saul. Christopher Kane, Tammy Kane and Emma Elwick-Bates.

Alexa Chung
Daisy Lowe
Tammy and Christopher Kane
Mashoom Tait
Luke Day
Emma Elwick-Bates
Teo Van den Broeke, Paula Fitzherbert and Luke Day