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craig davID

The singer on dawn missions to New
Covent Garden Market, selfies with police officers and the beauty of Deliveroo

Home is…

I’m based in north London and I live by myself.

Which shops do you rely on?

New Covent Garden flower market is great. I went there once at four o’clock in the morning and I just loved it.
And there’s this great company called Love Inc. They create beautiful neon signs and it’s not crazy expensive.

New Covent Garden flower market

Best thing that a cabbie has ever said to you?

It would probably be: ‘Me and my wife listen to your music.’ Always a good one, that. I’m thinking: ‘What song are you going to go for?’ Something poppy or mainstream? The guy’s like 40 to 50 years old and he says, ‘Rewind’. It’s fantastic.

Have you ever had a run-in with a police officer?

Thankfully I haven’t been in trouble. There have been times when a police officer has come up to me and I wonder what’s going on and then they ask me for a selfie. I love to see them break character.

Who do you call when you want to have fun?

I’d probably have to say Deliveroo. You find out your fridge is bare empty, you call them, and you hear that doorbell ring. Ohh, Deliveroo is beautiful.

What’s your London secret?

There’s a very cool little place in Hackney called Love Shack. It’s super quirky. There’s loads of memorabilia on the walls, beautiful cocktails, amazing food and Bob Marley playing in the background.

Love Shack

What are you up to at the moment for work?

I’m recording a new album and I’m enjoying the time I’ve got to make it. I’ve got
a little studio and if I want to do something else, like water the plants, it’s really nice

Who is your hero?

On the one hand, I would say Will Smith. I love the way that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He approaches subjects that I think are quite challenging, like the round-table convo with his wife Jada [in which they discussed turmoil in their marriage].
The other is Princess Diana — I felt a real sadness when she passed, she represented such a powerful force for humanity, especially for women. She really spoke her truth.

Will Smith

What was the last thing
you googled?

The different chakra points in the body. I’ve been hearing that when they’re out of balance, your whole body gets a bit out of balance. So I wanted to see how to realign them.

Where would you recommend for a first date?

The restaurant Dans le Noir, which really tests your sensory ability. You put your phone in a locker and blind waiters and waitresses guide you into a pitch-black room where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. You have no idea what is going on. Don’t wear your finest: know that you’re going to take the fork and it’s going to end up in your cheek.

Dans Le Noir

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during the lockdowns?

How much we as human
beings need connection. As soon as we can get back to a place where we can actually have more interaction and more touch and more connection, we’re gonna really love it. Oh my God, the hugs are gonna be going nuts. C’mon, bring it in.

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