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Outspoken as ever, Bret Easton Ellis talks to Susannah Butter about why millennials are ‘wiped out’ after the US election, the JK Rowling trans row… and his nights in watching The Crown

'Being cancelled?’ asks Bret Easton Ellis. ‘I absolutely think being cancelled is a badge of honour. I have been cancelled quite a few times; I think I am cancelled now.’ We are talking about a dinner party he went to before Los Angeles went into lockdown last week where, he says, ‘the millennials were all talking about friends of theirs who had been cancelled.

They weren’t famous but this has spread out of social media and into the private sphere. I don’t know how much longer cancel culture can go on for. There’s an exhaustion with it that wasn’t there a year ago.’ I should mention that while saying all of this, Ellis, aged 56, seems in a chipper mood. Clearly it will take more than being cancelled to ruffle the man who wrote American Psycho. ‘My armour got built pretty early,’ he says. ‘I am a polarising figure. I don’t know why.’

"she [JK ROWLING] is rich enough to say 'screw you' to the mob; rich kids say what they want and everyone else has to keep their mouth shut"

"I feel like no one won [the us election], it was muted — there was no exulting moment. Seeing how many people still voted for Trump is a depressing sign"

“Doing a ton
of blow and going
to a club sounds
like a nightmare — but sometimes
I am wistful”