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Annabel Rivkin discovers a very fine essential oil shampoo for her fine hair

I want to apologise for recommending a shampoo that is £44. That’s insane. No shampoo should be £44. It’s an insult. But I am a vulnerable, desperate, fine-haired woman. And New Wash by Hairstory stalked me relentlessly on social media (how did it know?) with its promises of a better way for fine hair. Eventually, ground down by my bad hair life, I coughed up. Annoyed.

Ugh, it works. Sorry again. It calls itself a hair cleanser because it doesn’t contain the detergent and chemicals in traditional shampoos, but rather essential oils. Now, say the words ‘essential oils’ to a fine-haired person and they will generally run screaming from the room, but this doesn’t make hair greasy. The opposite. It gives hair life.

It doesn’t lather or foam, which at first is disconcerting… but then! My hair has a natural volume and the ends look less straw-like. The grease builds up more slowly which means less washing and less motoring through the (very expensive) pouch. I find I can leave my hair to — almost — air dry, and then briefly smooth the ends and boost the roots with a Babyliss
Big Hair (fine-haired folks: you
need a Big Hair). Less heat equals less damage.

And I save it for best. Some say you need to let it build up but, for me, it works whenever I dig it out. Even with radically improved hair, £44 is still £44. But I am happier just knowing it’s there for when I need my hair to live its best life.
Hairstory New Wash, £44 (hairstory.com)