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Annabel Rivkin on bronzers’ golden rule

Perhaps I’m preaching to the converted but I’m here to remind you that highlighters don’t have to be... light, white or even pale. They merely have to catch the light. Sure, they can be white. But they can also be apricot, rose or — for a kind of modern goddess vibe — bronze.

We are so accustomed to matte powder bronzers, brushed on for grown-up contouring purposes (all those dark brown and bright cream blended stripes can stay on Instagram and TikTok as far as I’m concerned — too make-up-y) that we have forgotten the power of a shimmering bronze on the cheekbones. Plus, a cream formulation is precise, blendable and a little bit magic.

I am absolutely delighted with Tower 28’s Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer, which is like tapping little strokes of sunset over your cheekbones. Now, Tower 28 is an-LA based brand designed for super-sensitive skin, so even its bronzers are built using soothing ingredients such as mango butter and green tea extract.

I’ve been using Victoria Beckham’s laudable Matte Bronzing Brick, £58 to deprive the (meagre) hollow below my cheekbones of light, creating a more sculpted, angular architecture. Then I dab Sun Coast, Tower 28’s lightest bronze shade, on the bony(ish) bit around the top of those cheekbones. Both easy and excellent. If you want a more high-fashion situation, you can echo the Bronzino on your eyelids and go easy on mascara.

‘What,’ hissed a friend at a party, ‘have you done to your face? Have you had work?’ What a result.

Tower 28 Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer, £18

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