By Annabel Rivkin

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Annabel Rivkin
looks for a little muscle in her
perfect tinted moisturiser

What I love about a good tinted moisturiser is the sheer ease of it. Minimal blending. No magnifying mirrors or sponging away at tide lines. Just a squirt and a rub and you look polished, presentable and ready to be out in the world.

Daytime foundation has always been rather a mystery to me: too much. Particularly as the gloom lifts, the days lengthen and radiance — rather than chilly perfection — becomes the order of the season.

So, we’ve established that tinted moisturiser application is idiot-proof, so the effort must go into the sourcing. On a truly breezy, minimum-coverage day, a one-shade-fits-all (it adapts to your skin) such as Dr Perricone’s peerless firming tinted moisturiser is a no-brainer and a marvel. But, after the year we’ve had, more may be required... Oy!

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (oil-free and with SPF) now comes in 16 shades and lives at the more muscular end of the tinted moisturiser spectrum. The first thing to work out is whether your skin is red, yellow or neutral in its undertone, as the right shade will balance and complement what lies beneath.

I mix two shades in my palm — one lighter and the other darker — so that, as summer ripens and I go a bit golder, I can gradually graduate towards the warmer one.

This stuff is wonderful: covers uneven skin tone, deals with patches of inflammation, masks fine lines while retaining all the breezy agility of the tinted moisturiser. Confidence. In a tube.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF30/PA, £33