By Annabel Rivkin

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You beauty!

Worried skin needs something that really hits the target, says Annabel Rivkin

So if you’re stressed, your skin is stressed. It’s cellular. Or something. Anyway, here we are locked down; uncertain, depleted and constantly attempting to perform our own emotional track and trace to work out why we feel so mad and sad and overwhelmed.

And to add insult to injury… skin. Plus the Baltic breeze and central heating playing their usual havoc with our complexions, so thanks a lot, universe. You are really spoiling us.

Like the rest of our bodies, skin will be more resilient if it’s efficiently hydrated and, infuriatingly, layering on more of your favourite moisturiser won’t always achieve that. You need a targeted serum and Skinceuticals HA Intensifier is one of the best, stuffed, as it is, with high-quality hyaluronic acid.

Don’t be spooked or misled by the word ‘acid’. Hyaluronic is different from those aggressive exfoliators such as glycolic and salicylic. Hyaluronic acid can carry something like one thousand times its own weight in water, so it is remarkable when it comes to delivering hydration to the skin.

It acts as a fantastic plumper which, apart from doing wonders for skin texture (smoothness, firmness, all the good words), will improve the appearance of crow’s feet and nasolabial (yes, they are really called that) lines.

I use a few drops in the morning, before moisturiser, and a little goes a long way: Skinceuticals products are the real deal. And, frankly, with Zoom reflecting me back at myself all day, I just need to look less mad than I feel.

Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier, £90