By Annabel Rivkin

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Annabel Rivkin says a new star moisturiser is born

There is a sensational new moisturiser in town. Listen, there are lots of decent creams around but many of them are much of a muchness. You find one that seems to hydrate your skin, doesn’t irritate or give you spots — and off you roam, hoping for the best. But every now and again a star is born. And Spectacle Performance Crème shines bright.

The texture is gel/cream hybrid and, as such, acts as an excellent primer. Cleverly, the safflower seed oleosomes work on a kind of time-released delivery system so they collapse throughout the day, delivering ongoing moisturisation (via phospholipids and vitamin E) for constant radiance.

Encapsulated retinol complex supports collagen and elastin production without the potential sensitivity of a bog standard retinol and niacinamide is a wonder when it comes to skin texture, dullness and softening fine lines. In short, it brightens your complexion astonishingly. This stuff also contains an antioxidant amino acid (ergothioneine), which not only works to block further damage but research is starting to show that it might have the capability to repair sun-injured cells. Imagine.

After all the dullness and despair, all the Zoom and doom, all the ‘Am I anxious and exhausted or is this just my face now?’, I am delighted to be able to report on this fresh, super-sustainable wonder. At £76 it’s expensive but I reckon you could bin the serum as it seems to get every job done. I look positively peachy. For the first time in... feels like forever.

Spectacle Performance Crème, £76