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Annabel Rivkin finds a clever
way to boost
your cleanse

An ionic shot sounds quite dynamic, doesn’t it? Much more energetic and robust than, say, a face mask. A face mask feels a bit bubble bath and me time. But an ionic shot? Well. Positively virile, right guys?

Lixirskin is a unisex, pared-down, high-performance skincare brand that asks, ‘Why use three products when you can use one?’ Why confuse your skin with 20 ingredients when you could be harnessing the power of the three that really work. I am generally a fan of the refreshing and effective and its new ionic shot is possibly my favourite product in the range.

It’s a powder, delivered in little ‘sugar sachets’, which powerfully deepens your cleanse. A couple of times a week you add it to your cleanser and leave it for a few minutes as it develops from powder to mousse, all the while sucking the congestion out of your pores, withering spots and reducing blackheads. And yet, somehow, with its virtuous triumvirate of succinic acid, zinc gluconate and niacinamide, it doesn’t dry out the skin.

This negatively charged (our skin is positively charged) little shot basically performs the deep-cleansing task of a fussy, pricey galvanic facial. Suddenly skin feels toned, awakened and invigorated. Not like city skin at all actually.

All the commutes and central heating; all the grub and grime; all the ennui and anxiety? Gone. It’s as though none of it ever happened. And who wouldn’t rather like a clean slate? Let’s all do shots tonight. We’ve earned it.

Lixirskin Ionic Shot powder to mousse clarifying mask, £27 for 12

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