By Annabel Rivkin

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You beauty!

Annabel Rivkin decides if she can’t get to the derm, she’ll go digital

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that as a beauty columnist I would invest huge amounts of time, money and, er, wisdom in my skin. And yet with life being what it is… I don’t. I muddle through and try not to look too closely at myself in the mirror while slapping on… everything. I feel as though the gap between cleanser and moisturiser is where we are all wide open to mess and manipulation.

All the serums. All the money. So many ingredients all whacked on; cancelling each other out and making things worse. Pigmentation, pores, spots, wrinkles, redness, dullness. I’m living in The Overwhelm and it’s showing on my skin.

But actually visit a dermatologist? Identify and diarise and commute (when that’s allowed) and pay for a dermatologist? Well, that is surely for other people; those with severe skin conditions rather than merely wear and tear? Or for those seeking perfection… Not me.

Skin+Me is a revelation — even more so in these dark days of lockdown. You complete a quick but detailed online questionnaire and upload a couple of brutal selfies. These are reviewed by a dermatologist who prescribes a custom-blended skin treatment, delivered within a couple of days, for 20 quid a month. Mine contains prescription-strength ingredients like tretinoin to improve texture and niacinamide to promote firmness.

One cream applied after cleansing and guess what? Not only is it cheaper and simpler but the pigmentation is fading, the pimples are fewer, the texture is smoother and all is brighter. This might be the future.

Prescriptions from £19.99 per month