By Annabel Rivkin

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Annabel Rivkin gets ready to
face the people by taking to the tub

It’s odd, isn’t it, to crave alone time after a year of so much bastard alone time? But, as restrictions lift, I find myself unwilling to relinquish much of my solitude, even though it has been laced with loneliness. So when is ‘solitary’ guaranteed not to be ‘lonely’? When we’re in the bath.

I’ve always been a bath person and never more so than now when everything feels so exposing and I’ve forgotten how to cope with people. Olverum — a magnificently alpine bath oil — supported me through the first lockdown (odd that we can have a ‘which was your favourite lockdown?’ conversation).

But now, as the world opens up and folk flood back into our lives, I am leaning on something more… bubbly. Epsom salts have their well-deserved place, but they feel a little po-faced for right now.

Honest’s sweet almond bubble bath was sort of designed for babies and there is an innocence about the bottle and the subtly clean and soothing scent. Rammed
full of all kinds of oils, it doesn’t dry out your skin (crucial if, like me, you read, eat oranges and occasionally have a lengthy cry in the tub) and it truly bubbles.

I’m tired of pricey foaming baths that require three quarters of the bottle to be slugged in before you get a dispiriting froth. This stuff gives you a proper Fifties-Technicolor-movie-type situation, which manages to be comforting, glamorous and amusing at the same time. Party for one in the bath. It’s about all I can handle.

Honest sweet almond bubble bath, £7.99