By Annabel Rivkin

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Annabel Rivkin
eyes up a community brand that’s arching out beyond brows

In dark times, shafts of light dart through the canopy of clouds, into the deserted gloom, to help things grow. Nothing truly interesting shoots up on the well-trodden path, and the London beauty industry is a case in point, with small brands and businesses — run by focused creative entrepreneurs willing to roll up their sleeves for the commercial DIY — blooming.

Bambrows is a great example. Founded by Chanice Sienna in her London bedroom, the company has grown from just offering (excellent) brow-shaping services through occupying pop-up spaces.

It has now found a home in Hackney, a blend of lash/brow work and retail space that flogs Bambrows’ collaborations with home-grown brands, including a range of Tort x Bam East hair clips; rather fancier Aurum.LDN X Bam East jewellery; some woo-woo bits like sage smudging sticks (fully into that — let’s banish the bad spirits/ex-lovers all over town) and Bambrows hoodies and candles.

It is connecting with its community through creative collaboration — and that’s pretty feel-good.
But back to the disaster that is our eyebrows, right?

My suggestion is to grow them and grow them until such a time as you can legally get them dealt with. Bambrows’ Organic Castor Oil is a tiny bottle of a gooey, shiny unguent (somehow romantically reminiscent of the Victorian East End, which was not, in fact, a romantic place) that will condition brows, encouraging them to grow — ready for the Great Grooming of next month. It also adds polish, I find. Slick stuff from a slick but wholehearted operation.

Bambrows Organic Castor Oil, £12